XMAS 2017 Special with Andrew Griffiths

Have you written a book, but haven't done much with it? Or thinking about writing a book, but aren't sure about how to make the most of it in your business?

In this very merry Christmas special of The Business Playroom, we are joined by Australia's number one Small Business Book writer Andrew Griffiths. Andrew shares his top insights for how to make your books work for you.

No more launching your book out into the world and getting crickets. Andrew has solid advice on how to turn your book into high-paying clients and projects.

Watch all 3 parts below.

Season 1 of The Business Playroom

Episode 1

Andrew Eggelton is joined by special guest Frazer Yendell who brings out not 1 but 3 As that will help you become a better speaker and avoid those little speaking problems such as "Not being heard, Stuck in crowd, and Being boring". It starts good and gets better, look out for Renee Hasseldine using the word implementation and Caleb Lesa #uncertaintyleadstoopportunity . Directed by Andrew Gibbons.


Episode 2

Captures crafty content creation courtesy of cunning content coach - Jo Johnson (Brought to you by the letter C). The Business Playroom is Andrew Eggelton Presenting and Live Speaking Coach, Renée Hasseldine - Share Your Passion, Caleb Lesa and Andrew Gibbons


Episode 3

Keeping with the theme of efficient content creation The Business Playroom has some fun with Renee's Repurposing Pyramid.

Director Andrew Gibbons endures film making 101. Andrew Eggelton is rendered speechless. Caleb Lesa tells us how one third of the population like it in their ear. Language warning.

Language warning, brought to you by letters like F and S and also Renee.


Episode 4

Is it time to get help? In Episode 4 we confront the rising epidemic of LSTs (Life Sapping Tasks) with Rosie Shilo. Lots of Shitty Tasks (LSTs) can be outsourced successfully once you understand #priceofinitiative

Andrew Eggelton takes a short course in remedial clapping. Caleb Lesa asks you to consider #priceofinitiative. Renee Hasseldine was once an accountant which explains a lot. Andrew Gibbons in a starring role as the voice from behind the camera.


Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Business Playroom: Stop suffering, side step struggling sales, stand strong, successfully start selling simply... with Caleb Lesa (brought to you by the letter S #4sales)

If you feel "icky" selling your service or stuff, this episode is for you. "Selling" doesn't have to be a dirty word. Caleb and Renee Hasseldine showcase 2 visions of the S word. We find out what Andrew Eggelton is using his computer for. Andrew Gibbons in addition to directing, editing, pre+post production also played the guitar in the opening to this episode.


Episode 6

Sharing stories successfully sells. Episode six is brought to you by the letter S, because "Story" starts with S and Jo Johnson - The Content Coach shares how storytelling isn't just useful in business, it is essential.

Andrew Eggelton has more than a few stories to share. There are a few in this episode. Renee Hasseldine wasn't always a fan of stories... she didn't think they were efficient. Well she is a convert now. However, not just any old story will move your business forward. Caleb Lesa explains which ones get business.

Warning: contains swearing.


Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Business Playroo: On! or Off? Let's talk work life balance with Rosie Shilo from Virtually Your (brought to you by the letter O)

Rosie Shilo and Hubby are down to 4 businesses between them! So how does Rosie manage to be home with the kids, out with the family, and volunteer at their local school?

Renee Hasseldine exposes the work-life balance myth. Caleb Lesa shows us the science of equilibrium. Andrew Eggelton makes sure that everyone on the panel gives you their best tips for achieving harmony. Andrew Gibbons is behind the camera and the scenes all episode long because, as Rosie says in the opening, "At the end of the day it's all about balance."

Caution: Contains swearing.